the orbit group

the orbit group

What is The Orbit Group ??

The Orbit Group is a Private Label Service (PLS) company serving business & political clients since 2002. We do the work, your brand gets the credit.


As a PLS, we perform our services: Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Customer/Consumer ( B2C) & Legislative issues on behalf of the customers and clients we serve.  Learn more

What is Digital Direct Response marketing ??

Digital Direct is  two-way communication between your brand and your customer.  Designed to move end-user from impression to engagement.


We offer 3 types of digital direct marketing service packages.  The Troposphere, The Stratosphere, and The Exosphere.  Take a peek and see which one best benefits your growth plans and objectives. Full Explanation of Levels and Packages

What Services does The Orbit Group provide ??

From Branding to Engagement with End-users.  All designed with you in mind!


As a Public Label Service ( PLS ) company.  We've received the benefit of serving an eclectic and diverse need for B2B, B2C, Issues, Candidates, Campaigns  and new business development.  See if we can leverage our talents for your brand's benefit.