Fueled by Data / Driven by Design

Our data expertise serves non-profits, business and civic organizations.  Helping our clients connect quicker meeting targets at the pinnacle of the interaction 

Case Study: Detailed Capital

Detailed came to us with the need for a simple web presence. In an unregulated industry it was a form of verification.  DC wasn’t happy with options like Square space or wix.  

The lightweight features and design we know many developers could easily create. Yet that is where similarities end.

Building a Race Car

We installed analytics to measure data performance. Installed CRM calibrating to company needs. Automate customer engagement process. Identify outcomes and develop performance measures. 

  • Create and implement a data collection plan.
  • Capture indicator data via surveys, focus groups, observations online engagement tracking. 
  • Data capture method  identify owners, buyers or developers who our team can assist with all forms of financing. commercial properties nationally.
  • Creating pathway and infrastructure resulting in client securing
    7MM for multi-family project. 

Elements of Analysis


Built on individual engagement data points of overall traffic This low-level prediction allows The Orbit Group to install predictive modeling using engineering and machine learning algorithms


Enables The Orbit Group to comb scored data sets representations/patterns for an accurate high-level prediction.


We produce a signal between -1 and +1 for a particular location and time frame.

A collection of data points helps form insights while monitoring or predicting the outcome of an event.


Essential for better quality data. Removing outliers and white data noise with precision. Allowing your brand to hit your target with speed and frequency

Opioids Crisis

The Orbit Group was brought in to defeat well intentioned but poorly crafted legislation.  

Our team isolated the issues’ influencers.  Secured raw data, identified strategic targets.  Created infinity loop data connection points. Tripwire engagement at each point collecting data.   Weaponizing data connecting constituents to legislators.  Result: Defeated Legislation.


Data Capture Integration Tools

The Orbit Group’s talent allow us to leverage influencers in your industry for your benefit. Connecting influencers to causes or candidates.