Brand Creation


Detailed Capital came to us with a market concept. We decided to look closer on how we could embrace the fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate yet not be so reliant on legacy thinking. By collaborating with the client and through many incarnations we came up with a tagline, so simple yet says so much! Better Partners = Better Projects.

Logo creation evolves from feedback. Once our tagline was achieved we came up with an image (if you look closely the DC logo represents a path). The psychology of primary and complimentary colors coupled with a statement of purpose is an art form, one we do very well.  

Collaboratively we brought the client online staying under budget.  The great thing is we've built the existing brand and surrounding technologies with the ability to scale up and integrate with 3rd party applications and their respective technologies.

"We were launching a new business lane and we needed a brand identity for the new venture.  We researched and found The Orbit Group.  The WHY philosophy is where we found a strategic partner who understood our process.  - Detailed Capital, Financial